East Africa tourism: Mapping the way forward

In line with its mission and vision, the EATP, the East Africa Tourism Platform, hosted a forum for open discussions on the vision of East Africa as one tourism destination, and the feasibility and viability of this objective. The meeting took place at Elevate Suites in Kigali last week.

Invited to the meeting were CEOs and executive directors of private sector tourism associations in the five East African countries, namely from Burundi, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. Tourism boards in the East African Community member states were also invited to the meeting as EATP fosters private/public-sector collaboration in matters of tourism in the entire region.

These stakeholders were invited in their respective capacities as policymakers and influencers to discuss challenges and opportunities of developing tourism in EAC and promoting it as a single destination.

For two days, EATP challenged the participants to look beyond their differences and challenges at their national levels and rally their strengths behind finding solutions to common problems.

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Source: eTN