KZN/Maputo bridge to cut travel time

Africa’s largest suspension bridge and its link roads are under construction in Mozambique in a massive project by the Mozambican and Chinese governments.

The bridge, which will cross Maputo Bay, will cut the driving time from the border with KwaZulu-Natal to Maputo by about four hours. The bridge would span 680m and stand 60m above sea level. With two lanes in both directions, it would link Maputo to Katembe across the Bay of Maputo and adjoining roads to the border town of Ponto de Ouro. Construction began in June last year and was due to be completed in December 2017.

Ferries currently carry people and goods across the bay with the alternative, of driving around, taking hours. Roads to South Africa were at present only accessible by 4x4, but will be upgraded as part of the project. There were also plans to upgrade the border gate.

The initiative is a cross-border project to develop the area shared by South Africa, Mozambique and Swaziland.