Atta starts a new financial year today and reflects on 2015

This last year, one of the most challenging in the last decade, has seen Atta at the forefront of tourism to Africa.

As Atta starts a new financial year on October 1st, we report that our CEO has travelled far and wide playing a leading role in many theatres, using the influence of a wide and influential membership to brief and lobby on behalf of our members those governments who have or intend to introduce measures that effect tourism to Africa and your financial viability. Visas, for example, have as always been in contention in parts of East and Southern Africa and of course the global threat of terrorism has touched some of our members. This threat continues and as the UK is the largest source  market to most of our 22 member countries in Africa we have worked closely with the UK Foreign Office to ensure that the content of travel advisories are both accurate and fair, not always any easy task.

We have worked hand in hand with members in those countries that are effected, and Atta has without doubt made a difference and our voice has been heard. So to retain this influence and integrity of the Atta brand we continue to work tirelessly to promote tourism to Africa on the world tourism stage.

That is the wider picture but what may be more obvious to members are the many benefits we have introduced and expanded over the last 12 months to justify your annual fee:

·         An extensive choice of events and exhibitions to promote your brand including large discounts for Atta members which exceed in value our annual fee!

·         Informative articles on insurance, travel fraud, financial markets and general development of the African travel industry.

·         Links to new products and services

·         Atta24 Crisis Call – a free incident management system, developed by Atta and SATIB insurance brokers, giving Atta members access to a highly qualified team in the immediate phase following an incident providing a remote incident management service.

During the past year, your membership and participation has helped the association to:

·         Explore the Latin American market for African tourism product and offer members representation opportunities should they require them in South America.

·         Initiate our own trade only workshop ROAR taking place in London on November 6th.

·         Extend our team of advisors to include a new South African Legal Advisor and more...

The value of Atta membership can be measured in many ways: Trade show and roadshow discounts, resources, education and marketing. But perhaps the best benefit of all is the ability to connect with fellow members and keep them regularly informed of your services. 

The new Atta financial year starts today, on the 1st October 2015 to 30th September 2016 and all members are being invoiced over the next few weeks via email to the primary contact.

Fees have not increased since last year!

Payment Methods:       

Payment can be made by bank transfer, UK cheque or credit/debit card using our Payment System online (Always quote your invoice no.) Members based outside UK may find the payment online as the most cost effective method (charge is only 1.75%).

Upon receipt of the payment each member will receive a membership certificate and guide to all services and benefits. ONLY YOU CAN MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR Atta MEMBERSHIP!

Thank you for your continued support. The deadline to renew your dues for the 2015-2016 is October 30th. Please renew your dues by the deadline to ensure continued service of all your benefits. Payment options will be listed in your renewal email and on the invoice.

What Atta members are saying...

Shelley Cox, African Bush Camps:

The Atta membership has continued to provide exceptional value to African Bush Camps over the years, allowing us to connect with a variety of Media, Industry partners and friends through an extensive range of membership benefits including networking events, Atta Alerts, Webinars, the membership portal and news updates, as well as the various Travel Shows in which Atta participates. In addition, Atta continues to provide sound advice to its members through their partnerships with other industry partners (example SATIB Insurance brokers).

Alistair Walls, Imagine Africa:

Not only are they the cornerstone of promoting and networking anything Africa Tourism related, Atta are a Tour de Force when any tricky African scenarios arise and as an operator we are looking for some advice or support on how best to approach these potential difficulties.  

Peter Felix, Africa Travel:

Atta provides an excellent range of networking events throughout the year which we find enormously beneficial. Not only do these provide a chance for us to meet suppliers who we don’t get to see otherwise, but they are also an excellent chance to get to know these suppliers on a social level, which is very important in fostering better relationships between both parties. Their news items are constantly updated and are a very useful tool for our marketing team in adding updates to our website and keeping us up to speed with the goings on within the industry.

Helen McCulloch, Exsus:

I would recommend Atta to Africa Travel Industry colleagues as it enhances the Africa Tourism Industry as a whole, through various well sought out events in order to encourage responsible tourism to the continent and enables one to be part of the fast paced tourism industry with like minded individuals.

Your membership enabled us to accomplish so much this year which we start it with our new initiative ROAR

Atta Airline Sposnor 2015 - 2016