TTB in talks with UAE airlines to promote tourism in Near East

The Tanzania Tourists Board (TTB) is in discussions with Etihad Airways and fly Dubai Airline both of the United Arab Emirates, to see how they can work together to promote tourism in the UAE and other foreign Near East  countries to visit to tourists attractions in the country.

TTB’s Acting Managing Director, Devotha Mdachi told The Guardian on Friday that last month delegations from the airlines were in Tanzania where they met with the board’s  top management for talks on various issues relating to the airline services they offer and how they can work together to sensitise visitors in the countries where they operate.

“At the moment I am in discussion with my staff to see how we can work in partnership on matters pertaining to tourism including travel agents, tour operators, trade and media trip so that Tanzania’s attractions can be better known all over the world.

She express thanks to both airlines for showing interest to support TTB in promoting and selling Tanzania in the  United Arab Emirates and other foreign countries to visit in Tanzania.

Through the said cooperation, Tanzania and the United Arab Emirates will increase the number of visitors in the areas of trade and tourism.

“While in Tanzania I give them promotional materials that illustrate the tourist attractions present in the country so that they can know what our country has in terms of tourism and culture,” she said.

“I told them that Tanzania has evolved into a prosperous, peaceful and stable country. So as TTB, we invite more international airlines to introduce new routes to the country so that travelers can reduce funds and time spent in when they want to tour the country.

According to her, introducing new routes to Tanzania a new strategy designed to help travellers from different parts of the world to directly enter the country would reduce time and money spent in transportation, especially tourists who have to fly via the neighbouring countries.

A research carried out recently by TTB experts indicates that presently more than 300,000 tourists who wish to visit Tanzania’s tourist attractions normally waste their time and money as they are required to pass through neighbouring countries where they do not have anything to do.

“As TTB, KIA, TAA, and JKIA and TCAA we express thanks to Turkish Airline, Ethiopian Airlines, South African Airways and KLM for introducing new routes to Tanzania which are used directly by travellers,” she noted.

Although the TTB’s budget is very limited as compared to the tourism promotional activities the board has, TTB will ensure it uses effective market instruments to attract more visitors to visit in Tanzania, she said.

Elaborating on the tourism promotional campaign that TTB plan to carry out, she said 

According to her, Tanzania is a place of great marvels – The Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar and also it has great herds of elephants in the Great Ruaha, tree-climbing lions around Lake Manyara, chimpanzee sanctuaries in Gombe and Mahale and packs of wild dogs in the Selous.

In the Rufiji River, the waters boil with hippos and crocodiles. In fact, the country has the whole panoply of east Africa's wildlife – including such rarities as the red colobus monkey, black rhino, hawksbill and leatherback turtles and Pemba flying foxes – concentrated in an unrivalled collection of parks and reserves. She said.

“We invite tourists from different parts of the world to visit Tanzania because the country still has a surprise for you to witness,” she noted.