Kenya intensifies tourism marketing efforts in West Africa and UAE

KTB has intensified its marketing efforts in the West African region and parts of the UAE.

This is part of the board’s marketing strategy that sees more focus on Africa and other growing markets like the UAE.

KTB officials Ag. Regional Marketing Manager in charge of African, Fatma Bashir and PR & Corporate Communications Manager, Ms Wausi Walya are in the region on a joint programme with Kenya Airways and Wakanow, one of West Africa’s largest online Tour operators with a foot print in Europe and Middle East. The training programme begins today in Accra Ghana.

This is in line with KTBs strategy on strategic partnerships that saw the team also hold   discussions yesterday with the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) as part of the preliminary steps towards creating mutually beneficial alliances.

Speaking at the meeting GTA’s Ag CEO Charles Bonsu welcomed the move by both government agencies to reach out sighting that Ghana has a lot to learn from Kenya and vice versa.

“The shared lessons will see tourism grow in Africa, and we must admit that Kenya has excelled especially in managing their key tourism products like Wildlife as well as service delivery”.

The ease of travel facilitated by the existing Visa free rule and direct flight by Kenya Airways are already advantages that the two countries can take leverage on to increase traffic, said Bonsu.

KTB has extended an invitation to GTA to participate in this year’s 5th edition of the Magical Kenya Travel Expo (MKTE) to be held in Diani in October , 2015  as well as an opportunity for exposure during the Africa Travel Association Conference to be held in early November, 2015.

A total of 16 tour operators and travel industry private sector will be attending the EXPO.

The training led by KTB in West Africa, Ghana and Nigeria specifically follows an online training launch in both countries in May, 2015.