Kenya to promote cultural tourism

The Kenyan government in conjunction with private sector partners will soon finalise the development of a cultural tourism policy as the sector's diversification intensifies.

Senior officials said that cultural tourism is an unexploited niche that has potential to generate foreign exchange earnings and jobs.

"Promotion of our cultural products in the domestic and overseas markets has gone over drive in order to accelerate growth of tourism sector," said the Director General of National Museums of Kenya Mzalendo Kibunjia.

He spoke in Nairobi during the announcement of URA GATE Tharaka cultural festival to be held on Aug. 20-22 in the Mount Kenya region.

Kibunjia said the festival will showcase the rich cultural heritage among Mt Kenya riparian communities alongside scenic attractions like wildlife, rivers and forests.

The three-day festival will include a range of activities like dance, storytelling, preparation of local cuisine and mountain climbing.

The National Museums of Kenya in conjunction with tourism stakeholders has this year organized a series of cultural festivals to showcase Kenya as an ideal destination.

Kibunjia noted that cultural tourism has gained traction among local Kenyans and foreigners.

"Our rich cultural heritage has not only attracted overseas visitors but has as well fostered harmonious co-existence. We have created a repository of artifacts due to high demand from visitors," said Kibunjia.

The national museums of Kenya has partnered with counties to help them refine their cultural products to attract tourists.

Kibunjia revealed that county governments have set up a special fund to support preservation of their cultural heritage.

"Every region in this country has its own unique cultural treasures that can be showcased to tourists of all stripes. A cultural tourism policy will help counties develop this sector in a structured manner," Kibunjia said.