Amadeus' Productivity Tracker Now Available for Sub-Saharan Africa's Travel Industry

Amadeus, the global technology partner for the global travel industry, has launched a business intelligence system exclusively for Sub Saharan Africa, the Productivity Tracker. A regional module to help customers boost and measure their business activity.

Productivity Tracker provides travel agents with an easy way to monitor, manage and optimise their own performance. Through a 24/7 live data feed based on Amadeus booking data, travel agents are able to analyse their own operations in real time, gain valuable insights and improve productivity.

In 2013, Amadeus set up a Regional Solution Centre in Africa with a mission to ensure that the right regional solution portfolio is made available to meet the specific needs of the travel industry across the continent. One such example has been the delivery of the Productivity Tracker. Travel agencies across Africa are now at an advantage, having a complete real time 360-degree overview of their business.

When it comes to true productivity and optimization of front office performance, this useful business tool puts the information, insights and tools right at the fingertips. Back office data can only tell half the story about a travel agency's operations. Now travel agencies can see their booking agents' productivity measures accurately at a glance and can expect productivity and compliance enhanced by 60 per cent - 90 per cent.

Manually monitoring data is a travel agency's biggest challenge, it is a time consuming and inefficient process leading invariably to the loss of important data. By managing data effectively from multiple sources, travel agencies are now able to transform 'data' into mission-critical business information.

As noted by one travel booker: Racine Ba, Partnership Alignment Manager, BCD Travel Africa, "Instead of manually tracking monthly performance, we now have real-time information to help make quick strategic decisions with a product that really works for our operations and needs. We used to have to speculate on what we could expect from a consultant on a daily basis. We now have one, easy, holistic view that enables us to plan effectively."

Caroline Malinda, MD Uniglobe Silverbird Travel Plus, Kenya adds, "The amount of on demand reports that are available help us to understand and analyse areas of opportunity and those that contribute the most to the success of our company. The Productivity Tracker comes at a time that we as service providers and owners need to understand our customers better and this solution delivers exactly that."

Deployment of the Productivity Tracker is progressing well across East Africa with fast and seamless implementation. There are currently 450 users in the system regionally; travel agencies ranging from small/medium enterprises, travel management companies, business travel agencies, leisure travel agencies and large national agencies. The valuable business tool is compatible with all Amadeus agency environments in Africa and has been designed as a web-based tool for easy accessibility.