Uganda Ministry of Tourism tackles wrong perceptions about tourism

The Honorable Maria Mutagamba, Uganda’s Minister for Tourism, last week launched a new media unit to finally tackle wrong perceptions about the country and put positive messages about tourism, culture, and related topics into the public domain.

The so-called Tourism Communications Working Group will be headed by the Ministry’s Head of PR, Mrs. Emma Mugizi, assisted by a further six regular members drawn from across the ministry’s various departments and agencies under its supervision.

From Minister to Permanent Secretary to the head of the working group, the message was unanimous that it was important to provide facts and figures to the global media and promote good news about Uganda’s tourism attractions, parks, and society events.

Uganda in the past often failed to respond adequately and promptly when negative news emerged on international television channels, in newspapers, and magazines. It is hoped that the new unit will finally be able to put those shortcomings behind them and engage with global, regional, and local media organizations and key media individuals. Deliberate networking with the media in fact must include those using the new age channels like social media and blogs, to create an overall better picture of the country abroad by tapping into all available resources.

Minister Mutagamba called the launch a step into the right direction.

Source: eTN