Report on UK-outbound market

UK-based market researcher, Canadean Travel & Tourism, has provided our partner association SATSA with a pre-launch preview of a report on consumer trends among UK outbound tourists.

The report is based on surveys among 2 000 UK consumers about thier travel plans and motivations.

Here are some of the main points revealed:
* The largest age group to holiday abroad are the 55+ year olds with 36% citing that they
definitely will be going abroad this year. In contrast, the 18-24 year olds are most likely not to take a trip abroad in 2015. April and June are the favourite months for holidays.
• Price is still seen as the main attribute for a transport provider. However, 72% of all UK tourists think its either important or very important that the transport provider is a trusted brand.
• Cleanliness is the top priority for UK consumers when choosing their holiday accommodation, but it is particularly significant among 55+ year olds where cleanliness is seen as very important by 70% of respondents.
• Convenience and familiarity are key factors for UK tourists when deciding which country to pick for their holiday. However, the 24-35 year olds are most interested in an active holiday abroad, such as adventure tourism. The 18-24 year olds, on the other hand, are increasingly looking for bargains, but also more likely to go over budget.

The report can be viewed at:

Queries can be directed to Adele Hutchins, Travel & Tourism Intelligence Centre, Canadean Tavel & Tourism,