Online Booking Registration for Tanzania Hoteliers

Tanzania hospitality industry has stepped up business promotion to ease accommodation booking and confirmation across the country to attract more visitors.

According to a statement, the online booking network, Jovago has so far registered over 700 hotels to increase exchange of business information and opportunities to upscale.

Jovago intends to bring every bit of offered accommodation online providing customers with the cheapest way to make their bookings. Jovago has increased listings from 1,000 in 2013 to 25,000 in 2015 this July on the African continent.

Mr Andrea Guzzoni, Jovago's country manager said that the growing number is a testimony that investors and owners have grasped the advantage of making their business more visible, thus easing the process of booking online to their customers.

"We have partnered with over 700 hotels in Tanzania mainland including 144 hotels in Zanzibar, 75 in Arusha, 136 in Dar es Salaam, 32 in Mwanza and many more across Tanzania.

This is a very positive indication to embrace the e-commerce, a key need in stimulating client's needs and interface, and the potential in Tanzania is still huge," he said.

Travellers' can now easily book their destinations through websites," Mr Guzzoni explained. The increasing number of travellers in Africa has led to most regions developing large numbers of hotel chains; in 2012 the brand of international hotels was 79 in North Africa and 129 hotels in Sub-Saharan Africa, this number is still growing with the aim of making the best visibility of all regions in Sub-Saharan and North Africa; (Africa Investor, Tourism report 2012).