Lions are returning to Rwanda

Seven lions, two males and five females, are being transported from South Africa and will arrive by air in Rwanda on Monday, where they will be taken and released after a two-week quarantine into the eastern Akagera National Park.

Lions will return to Rwanda for the first time in more than two decades after the endangered animal was wiped out in Rwanda's human genocide.

Lions in Rwanda were wiped out during the 1994 civil war.

Fleeing refugees and displaced people occupied part of the park, with the lion being driven out or killed as people tried to protect their livestock. As part of preparations for the re-introduction, the Akagera park team worked with nearby communities to promote harmonious co-existence with lions.

Source: eTN

The lions are coming from "relatively small, confined reserves where it is necessary to occasionally remove surplus lions" in South Africa's KwaZulu-Natal province.

The western African lion subpopulation is listed as "critically endangered" due to over-hunting and dwindling prey.