Illegal use of logo Beacon Safaris Kenya

Beacon Safaris

Box 36377

Nairobi 00200 Kenya

It has been brought to our attention that Beacon Safaris are displaying the Atta logo, and possibly other associations, illegally on the home page of their website. Logos denoting membership of or approval by an organisation may be legitimately used to promote business interests in the market place. Their misuse however, deliberate or otherwise, resulting in a commercial advantage by unfairly acquiring business may result in action being taken by this association.

Beacon Safaris are not members of this association Atta (The African Travel & Tourism Association) and are illegitimately perpetrating membership of a tourism trade association to which they do not belong

Atta’s policy where its logo has been displayed without authorisation

Because we know the value of membership and what the Atta’s and other tourism trade association logos symbolize, we are committed to cracking down on companies that are illegally displaying tourism trade logos.