Zambia President opens Lusaka National Park

Zambia’s President has officially opened the Lusaka National Park to the public.

President also unveiled and laid wreaths at the memorial monument at the facility in honour to wildlife Police Officer (WPOs, Village Scouts, as well as men and women who have lost their lives during the course of duty.

The Lusaka national park is the smallest protected area in Zambia and newest park with some exotic wildlife species from South Africa was established in May, 2011.

Other species include white rhinos, giraffes, elands, hartebeests, zebras, sables, kudus, blue wildebeests, waterbucks, black lechwes, impalas, pukus, bushbucks, reedbucks, warthogs, one pangolin, and axis dears.

President has since called for the development of conservation areas and game ranches in the country. The ranches would significantly reduce pressure on national wildlife estates and consequently boost the tourism sector.

The president disclosed that government is in the process of decentralizing tourism to involve the local people. He challenged Tourism and Arts Minister to come up with plans for establishing game parks in other cities and towns in Zambia in an effort to grow the tourism sector.

He further called for the establishment of a central park for the city of Lusaka to be a hub of recreation and culture noting that other major cities around the world have such facilities that amplify their quality of life.

ZAWA has spent over K5 million to put up various infrastructures in readiness for the opening of the park. Though the park is fenced off in a 33 kilometre park perimeter to keep animals within the park, people were warned against encroaching and farming in the park as they risked being prosecuted.

The park would have activities like camping, walking safaris and bicycle riding, among others becomes an economic spinner that would contribute to the gross domestic product through tourism.