Yoga adds new dimension to travel and tourism

A new dimension is sought to be added not only to tourism and travel but also to ancient wisdom in the modern world. In transnational cooperation, on June 21 the world, yes the world, will celebrate or observe International Yoga Day, a day declared by the United Nations.

A massive demonstration of yoga by thousands of practitioners - new and old, young and elderly - will be held at the famed Rajpath in New Delhi, the majestic road which connects India Gate with the Rashtrapati Bhawan, President House.

Of course, similar events will be held at the New York headquarters of the United Nations, as well as hundreds of places all over the globe.

The scale of the operation may well qualify for entry into the famed Guinness Book of World Records.

In Delhi, the respected Chinmaya Mission, which is doing much to propagate the Vedanta philosophy and practice, is also holding a yoga class on the morning of June 21.

The name and fame of yoga has spread far and wide, much beyond India, as the gains of yoga for the mind, body, and soul are today well known all over the world in all walks of life.