Looking to the future: 11 trends to watch

Dutch Futurist, Albert Postma, identified 11 ‘maxi’ trends at Attractions Africa 2015, which took place recently in Cape Town.

They should be considered by attractions when planning for the future and constructing effective long-term business strategies:

  1. The ageless society: there is a need to look through the eyes of the older generation.
  2. The future of wealth: income gaps within countries and even families are growing, resulting in increasing polarisation between those who can afford to travel and those who are forced to stay at home.
  3. Magic nostalgia: the contemporary urban person is romanticising the past and seeking ‘authentic’ experiences.
  4. Gamification of price: tourists and visitors are investigating real-time price advantages and playing online to get better prices.
  5. New tourists: emerging markets, particularly the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) where wealth in the middle classes is growing rapidly, are increasingly coming to visit Africa.
  6. Accumulation of social capital: people want to share things physically – their homes and cars, but also share their experiences online.
  7. Scarcity of resources: requires a focus on sustainable resource levels. 
  8. Fluid identity: people play different roles and hold multiple identities simultaneously – for example, both mum and CEO.
  9. Increasingly mobile society using emerging technologies: it is not just the young who are increasingly using smart phones. There have been increases across all age groups, even the over-65 age group.
  10. Divorce rate: is increasing globally, leading to a modern vertical family with different requirements. There is a demand from bigger groups needing to connect and we are seeing the creation of ‘reunion bungalows’ in Europe to accommodate groups of up to 25 family members.
  11. World oil supply: is being depleted and we need to find energy alternatives.

As seen in Tourism Update.