Exhibit with Atta at WTM 2015, 2-5 November 2015

Atta will once again be exhibiting at WTM London this November. WTM is an international event, bringing together travel professionals from 186 countries and regions to London for four days.


The Atta stand will be based in the Africa hall as always.

What will it cost?

Workstation on the Atta Stand - £3250 (+ VAT for UK-based companies)



It includes:

1.     Desk and 3 chairs

2.     1 advertising panel for the display of your own banner promoting your product (banners will be poly satin supplied through Atta only) and must be to the Atta exact specification. Banners are integral and vital for your brand exposure at WTM, but not compulsory. Cost of new banner £100 + VAT

3.     Two exhibitor badges

4.     Exhibitor registration with WTM directory listing

5.     Access to Exhibitor portal with ability to invite your contacts for the opening day, Monday.

6.     Storage facility

7.     Outside locations on the stand are allocated in strict order of full (not deposit) payment

The cost of extra badges is £80 + VAT.

Sharing on the Atta stand:

If you wish, you may take a full exhibition space and share it with another Atta member. Timing is by arrangement with your sharer but we suggest talking half a day in rotation. As there is only space for one banner, the banner can be changed by the exhibitor at the start of each session. Atta will connect potential sharers.

Sharing on Atta stand £1900 each (VAT for UK-based companies)

Alternatively, ‘speedy’ networkers can exhibit on the main stand for a daily rate of £1200 (+ VAT for UK-based companies), which will give you the benefit of:

1.     Registration as an exhibitor at WTM which provides you with an online profile on the WTM website with login details enabling access to buyer and exhibitor lists and appointment diary

2.     An entrance badge for all 4 days

3.     The opportunity to book an additional or alternative space on Monday on a first come first served at £1200 (+ VAT for UK-based companies)

4.     Opportunity to access passing buyers and colleagues who would not have seen you in the gallery rooms

5.     Opportunity to hang your banner for the days you book.

(If required a new banner will be £100+VAT but many already have banners to Atta specifications)

Space is limited and tables are allocated on a first paid, first served basis, so do not leave booking to the last minute!

Please email membership@atta.travel to book.

Note that the above information may be subject to change. We are still confirming the terms of our exhibition space, but will keep you updated via email.

Show Opening Times

  • Mon 2 Nov: 10:00 - 18:00
  • Tues 3 Nov: 10:00 - 18:00
  • Wed 4 Nov: 10:00 - 20:00
  • Thurs 5 Nov: 10:00 - 16:00