Air Kenya and Safarilink team up

Safarilink and Air Kenya have now reacted to the launch of flights by Jambojet, Kenya Airways’ low cost subsidiary, to the Ukunda aerodrome, after that airline started to offer flights twice a day.

Air Kenya, flying every morning from Nairobi’s Wilson Airport, and Safarilink, which equally flies daily but in the afternoon, also from Wilson Airport, have now made tickets interchangeable, effectively giving passengers the choice of two flights a day.

Both airlines also fly from Wilson Airport to Lamu, a destination now also served by Jambojet and it is expected that Safarilink and Air Kenya may soon launch a similar cooperation package for their flights to again give their passengers better choices and options out of Wilson Airport, with the location probably increasingly important as the marketing battle is heating up between the two on one side and Jambojet on the other.

Source: eTN