This Week at Atta

Good morning all,

Our weekly update comes from the Atta CEO Nigel:

This week I attended the WTTC - World Travel & Tourism Council, global summit in Madrid. The WTTC is the body that represents the global tourism industry at the highest level. With over 100 members made up of the world’s largest tourism brands from across our industry the annual summit is by invitation only , Attended by CEO’s from all sectors of tourism the sessions were packed with influential speakers. I was pleased to be asked to attend as a guest at this event representing Atta.

It is apparent that there are not many global brands in Africa eligible for membership of this elite 100 and I felt that our continent did not appear to be a major player in proceedings. I am sure that will change over the next few years. However South Africa’s tourism minister Derek Hanekom made a short but interesting address which showed that he is only too aware of the problems that the recent entry legislation will cause to tourism in his country.

But the highlight for us Africa hands, was a “face to face” interview with Kenya’s Richard Leakey by my old boss Geoffrey Kent, a former Chairman of WTTC and the founder and CEO of A & K. Leakey certainly has a fascinating story to tell which will be the subject of a new block buster film called “Africa”  and will be starring Brad Pitt as Richard, directed by and starring Angelina Jolie  as his wife and Meryl Streep as his Mother. The script is by Oscar winner Eric Roth, and tells  Leakey's story “a man drawn into the violent conflict with elephant poachers who emerged with a deeper understanding of man’s footprint and a profound sense of responsibility for the world around him.”

The link for those who would like to see the first afternoon’s session is shown below. Watch out for an unbelievable performance by Michael O ‘Leary the CEO of Ryan Air who really shook things up! Also the Tourism for Tomorrow awards were brilliantly presented by Atta director Fiona Jeffery. Atta member Grootbos from Hermanus South Africa was nominated too, it was great that one nominee was from Africa.

Derek Hanekom at 0.55 mins

Fiona Jeffery 1 hour.05

Richard Leakey 1 hour 39