Application for Membership - Wetu Tourism Solutions

Wetu Tourism Solutions has applied to join Atta. Their membership will be approved if there are not any objections lodged within the statutory 10 day period. (See objection procedure below).

Technology has changed the travel industry as clients are hungry for rich, exciting content. This has led to the traditional industry falling far behind the new channels for many reasons. Wetu addresses this problem by providing the traditional industry with the content and technology to complete effectively in the digital world.

Category: Professional Partners

Contact: Andrew Ardington;

Proposer: To Escape To

Seconder: Kwandwe


Atta is a non-profit making Association, we are not a regulatory authority and we do not audit applicants. We rely totally on our membership to propose, support or reject aspiring members. In essence you the members police your own association and as such our membership procedure allows all objections to be fully aired between all parties. This avoids historic relationship or competitive issues that can influence the application process. Within this process we require total transparency and members should be aware that only identifiable member objections will be taken into account.


Objections must be raised to the membership secretary, stating distinctly the grounds for objection, within 10 days of notification of a new member application. The applicant and his two supporters will then be given the full details of the objection and have 10 days to respond or mutually settle the concern, so that the objection is withdrawn. If after this process has taken place the objection still stands, then all correspondence will be presented before the Board of directors for deliberation. The Board have the final decision on the application, there is no appeal process.