Important information about the airlines flying into Northern Mozambique

The recent communiuqe on the closure of Vamizi Island Lodge, refered to in Atta's 8 January Daily News included the wording:

"The withdrawal of regular airline operations in Pemba and the government closure of Mocimboa da Praia as an international airport"

Atta member Azura Retreats, located in the same region, wishes to clarify the first part of this statement, with the following more detailed information,  concerning airline operations in Pemba :

"There are still regular airlines flying into Pemba, servicing the other hotels in Pemba and the islands of the Quirimbas Archipelago.

Both Airlink and Mozambique Airlines fly in and out of Pemba. Airlink flies 5 x per week between Johannesburg and Pemba, every day except Tuesday and Sunday. Mozambique Airlines flies between Johannesburg and Pemba on a daily basis via Maputo.

Mozambique Airlines flies 3 x week between Dar es Salaam in Tanzania and Pemba, every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

Mozambique Airlines flies now even 4 x week (this has been increased some time ago from twice per week) between Nairobi in Kenya and Pemba, every Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. This is a codeshare with Kenya Airways.

It is obviously important that Atta members are updated with full and factual details on air access to that region