Top travel trends for 2015 revealed

A new report predicts the top travel trends for 2015, with holidaymakers expected to book trips using their smartwatches, ditch luxury hotels in favour of stylish hostels and eschew fine dining in favour of authentic home-made cuisine.

The research by World Travel Market and Euromonitor International identified stylish but cheap accommodation, wearable technology and home-cooked food as the top three trends among travellers for next year.

Posh but cheap hotels

"Poshtels" - budget hostels that have undergone a luxury revamp - are expected to become more popular with "stylish and cost-conscious" travellers in 2015 and could become a major rival for boutique hotels.

The report explains that poshtels offer far more than just basic accommodation, and most come with free Wi-Fi and other hi-tech facilities as well as restaurants, twin en-suite rooms and free breakfast.

They are particularly popular with those born in the eighties who like their designer brand. They are also popular among single holidaymakers, young families and business travellers - maybe because it leaves them with more cash to spend on travel insurance and other holiday essentials.


Wearable tech

Wearable devices that help travellers book holidays are also set to become increasingly popular next year - as smartwatches become a more common sight.

A smartwatch works like an extension of your smartphone worn on your wrist. You can currently buy smartwatches from brands like Samsung and Sony, with some using special Google software to provide tailored information on flights, weather and more. Next year will also see the launch of the Apple Watch.

Holidaymakers can already download a number of smartphone apps from airlines or travel firms which help them to make bookings, find the cheapest offers or download a boarding pass - and some even act as a hotel room key. Many of these apps will also be made available for smartwatches.

More than a third of all travel bookings made online will be done via a mobile device by 2018, the report predicts. I t goes on to say that wearable technology is set to become "an important tool for travellers", as it offers them a greater choice in how and where to go online.


Home-cooked grub

A rising number of travellers are also expected to look for more authentic experience on their trips, and a popular new concept sees visitors invited into local people's homes for meals or even cooking lessons.

World Market Travel says this is not yet a mainstream trend but notes that Bookalokal, a website allowing holidaymakers to meet local cooks and leave reviews afterwards, has expanded to 20 countries since it was founded two years ago.

EatWith, a similar site, was founded in Spain and Israel only a year ago and has since expanded to 21 cities around the world.

Source: World First