$3 billion to be earned from the tourism sector in Ethiopia

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism says it expects to earn $3 billion in revenue from the tourism sector in this fiscal year from an estimated 1 million tourists, owing to improvements in the sector.

The Ministry’s main aim is to make Ethiopia one of the top 5 tourist destinations in Africa through consolidation of the tourism sector, with the fast growing economy and increased foreign direct investment. Hotel standards are on the rise.

Efforts are underway to register seven historical and cultural heritage sites under the Growth and Transformation Plan – the Konso Landscape and Meskel ceremony have already been registered by UNESCO. There are plans to add more landscapes and ceremonies to the World Heritage list. A new proclamation, aimed at boosting tourism income and preserving the country’s heritage, is being implemented. It will empower all regional states to administer their respective heritage sites. Furthermore, the proclamation paves the way for identifying heritage to be processed for UNESCO recognition.

Due to the vast amount of historical heritage and natural attractions, Ethiopia has increasingly seen an influx of tourists, with the average stay of foreign tourists now 16 days. Visitor numbers have risen 12% a year in the past decade. In the first quarter of this budget year, Ethiopia earned $500 million from more than 230,000 foreign tourists. $2 billion was earned from foreign visitors in the last budget year.