TAZARA Railway Set to Promote Tourism

The Tanzania and Zambia Railway Authority (TAZARA) will offer huge potential in promoting tourism industry in the countries.

The passengers will be ferried by the 1860 kilometres TAZARA rail line from Dar es Salaam to New Kapirimposhi in Zambia.

It crosses in some of the most unique and spectacular tourist sites. The Minister of Tourism and Natural Resources said that investors could invest in the much needed tourism infrastructures along the railway line like hotels and lodges which in turn contribute to economic growth.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Tanzania and the Chinese government has also been signed to deliver 18 new carriages and repair 42 others to TAZARA.

The new wagons will improve railway transportation that would in turn improve socio-economic growth.

The railway line starts from Dar es Salaam through Kazimzumbwi forest, one the oldest forest in the world, and the savannah wooded plain, where the major southern national parks of Mikumi, Udzungwa and Selous Game Reserve are located.

From there, TAZARA crosses the Great Ruaha River, towards Kilombero Flood Plains. Then it passes through tunnels under Udzungwa Mountain ranges and, adjoining Kipengere Ranges to Makambako Plateau.

From Makambako the train runs on the foot of Kipengere Ranges and at the edge of Rift Valley to Mbeya. From Mbeya the train passes though smaller train stations of Mbalizi, Songwe, the Uporoto Ranges of Shikula, Mlowo, Vwawa before it arrives at Tunduma.

TAZARA said the railway not only eases mobility for some of the most disadvantaged rural communities in Tanzania and Zambia, but also provides a public railway service that is very predictable, reliable, safe and convenient.

Source: allAfrica