Renowned birders head to Uganda

The Big Birding day has been going on for a number of years now.

As the day got more popular and bird lovers increased, it became an annual event in 2009. Preparations for this year are already underway. The day will be marked on November 29 under the theme: Birds And People, Friends For Life.

Uganda Tourism Board in conjunction with Nature Uganda and Uganda Wildlife Authority, among others, is putting together a memorable event for both local and international bird lovers and other nature enthusiasts. Since the biggest percentage of the birds is in the protected areas under UWA, there will be free access to the national parks for all visitors.

Uganda is regarded as Africa’s best birding destination, having more bird species per square kilometre than any other country on the continent. The national birds list has more than 1,060 species in a space of approximately 236,000 square metre representing nearly half the bird species that can be found in the whole of Africa.

The celebration of Uganda’s bird life will also be graced by renowned international birders such as Tim Appleton and Dominic Mitchell from the UK, and Bill Thompson from the USA.

Appleton is the co-founder of the British Bird-watching Fair, while Dominic Mitchell is the founder and managing editor of Birdwatch, Europe’s leading monthly magazine for keen birders.

Those, alongside at least 100 trained and equipped bird guides, will lead different groups to birding hot spots such as Semliki national park, and Queen Elizabeth NP, among others. Bird counting will also be taking place simultaneously and the results will be announced at a glamorous event to be held on December 6 at the Uganda museum.

Source: The Observer Uganda