Travel and tourism to contribute 5.8% to Swaziland's GDP

In the year 2022, the country’s travel and tourism sector is envisaged to contribute about 5.8% to the gross domestic product (GDP).

WTTC noted that the total contribution of the travel and tourism sector in Swaziland was 4% of GDP in 2011.

The WTTC ranked Swaziland 168th out of 181 countries worldwide in terms of the relative contribution of tourism to the economy (at 4% of GDP), 10% below the world average.

The assessment says the industry accounted for 3.6% of jobs which were supported directly and indirectly by tourism in 2011.

By 2022 the WTTC estimated that 14 000 people would be employed in the sector and visitor exported generated 1.9% of total exports in 2011.

In 2010 Swaziland received 868 000 tourist arrivals, predominantly from Southern Africa. 

Source: Swazi Observer