This Week at Atta HQ

Well summer is nearly gone in UK, many schools go back next week, and parking is getting difficult again in London as everyone returns from holiday, although summer does not officially end until the equinox around September 22nd. 

Monday was a bank holiday in UK but Nigel was interrupted by an urgent request from CNN to do two interviews so he left the country and returned to London. The media focus over here is very much on the Ebola crisis, but they are increasingly giving the misguided impression that East and South Africa are in the prime catchment area. CNN's piece was just that and on the effect it was having on tourism in particular on Kenya. Nigel certainly deflected that line of questioning and judging by the comments received from members who saw it, his interview was well received by the Atta family. One member circulated:

“Nigel did an excellent job and got across clearly about the geographical distance and that West Africa is closer to Atlanta, Madrid and London than to Kenya, and so the risk not greater than anywhere else.   That people don't travel by road to Kenya, that WHO have been clear on their message that the international hubs in Africa (Joburg, Nairobi, Addis) are not a cause for concern anymore although there was a rumour they might be etc… And that tourism is a very important industry in Africa. The CNN correspondent (in NY) was also good and said that it seems a lot of the problem is perception rather than the facts.”

A second longer interview was on the general state of tourism in Africa. We are trying to get links from CNN and will post them as and when.

Our new financial year starts on October 1st and all members renewing their membership will be receiving Atta Membership Certificates for 2014/2015.

We are now in full swing for WTM London and PURE. The deadline for catalogue entries at WTM London is today, and you should book immediately if you wish to participate on the Atta stand this year.  There are different workstation options available, please contact us for more info on, and once again we are offering the speedy networking option of half days, although availability is limited as we only have a few half days left.

Just a reminder that webinars will cost £25 more from October 1st so why not take advantage of the last remaining spot in September at the old price!

If you have recently joined Atta, re-branded, introduced new product or service, or wish to promote your destination to new markets or train your agents, please participate in the Atta webinar service to forge new business relationships across our membership and beyond, as Atta webinars are also promoted outside the membership.

One member, Middle Africa has hosted several webinars with Atta in the last year and Joan Riera, the founder and director, has shared the following testimonial:

“Since 2013 I have presented Middle-Africa's destinations through 3 different webinars organized by Atta. I started with Cameroon in 2013 and continued with Gabon and Benin in 2014. If Middle-Africa has decided to repeat the experience it is because the results have been highly positive. We have had the possibility of reaching potential customers from all around the world and having direct contact with them during and after the webinar. As time goes by many people contact us and remind us they heard me explaining with passion the characteristics of the natural parks in Gabon, or describing the Voodoo rituals in Benin, and how I spent 1 month with the Cameroonian pygmies...  As a manager and founder of Middle-Africa, inbound tour operator in West and Central Africa, I believe in webinars and have had direct and indirect business deals after presenting my products through the webinars”.

To learn more about webinars, please email me on

As Coranda is still out of the office, please direct all your emails to either or me directly.

Have a great weekend!

All the best from Lina