Status of Air Namibia Flights SW 285 & SW 286

Press release by Air Namibia

Wednesday, 30th July 2014: The recent ICAO audit on Namibia Airports Company facilities at Windhoek’s Hosea Kutako International Airport resulted in the downgrade of the airport from a category 9 to a category 5 airport. The downgrade of Hosea Kutako Airport has affected all aircraft requiring category 7 and higher rescue and fire-fighting services.

In response to the downgrade, Air Namibia applied to be granted exemption in order to continue its Airbus A330 operations, which exemption was granted on 24th July 2014. However, today’s review by ICAO has re-enforced the downgrade and has revoked any exemptions that might have been granted.

As a result, Air Namibia can no longer operate the A330-200 fleet in or out of Hosea Kutako Airport until such time that Namibia Airports Company has rectified the shortcomings to the satisfaction of ICAO.

Windhoek’s Hosea Kutako International Airport is owned, operated and managed by Namibia Airports Company. Air Namibia, like other airlines operating into this airport with larger aircraft will be negatively impacted by this development.

To minimise the impact of the inconvenience caused to passengers as a result of the NAC’s shortcomings, Air Namibia has in the meantime initiated the following;

Flight SW 285 from Windhoek to Frankfurt scheduled to depart on 30th July 2014 will operate from Lusaka .

Affected passengers will be flown to Lusaka with two A319- 100’s this evening to further proceed with the ferried A330.

Flight SW 286 from Frankfurt to Windhoek on 31st July 2014 will divert to Lusaka and passengers will be flown to Windhoek in the morning using the two A319-100.

We will continue to operate in this manner for the next two weeks or until such time that the Namibia Airports Company has fulfilled the requirements.