Prevention of Fraud: Chargeback Seminar UK

Atta in partnership with Prevention of Fraud in Travel (PROFiT) and Fraud Intelligence Network (FIN) invite members to participate at Chargeback Seminar in London in September.

What is a chargeback?

A chargeback is where a customer has had money debited from their credit card which they dispute, if the dispute is upheld it results in a refund being made to the customer.

The most common frauds via chargeback are:

1.       Customer takes holiday comes back and claims that the payment was made through an unauthorised use to their acquirer leading to a chargeback

2.       Stolen of ID/card details of customer used to book a holiday.  Real owner of the ID/card gets charged and rejects the payment as an unauthorised use to their acquirer leading to  a chargeback.

Are chargebacks fraudulent bookings?

Up to 65% of chargebacks are where a customer has reported an unauthorized use of their credit card; this is usually as a result of the card being stolen or cloned. Where a chargeback is processed as a result of cloned or stolen the original transaction is regarded as fraudulent.

As well as fraud there are other reasons that a card holder may make a chargeback such as the goods or services not being up to standard, the goods or services were faulty, the goods or services did not arrive or the customer has been charged twice.

VISA will be charging €12 euro’s per chargeback (about £10) from 1st October 2014 and Mastercard are likely to follow suit.

Date: Thursday 11th September 2014
Time:  2pm until 6.15 pm
Venue:  The Broadgate Tower, 20 Primrose Street, London EC2A 2EW
Cost: £45 per delegate (free for PROFiT members)
Sponsored by: Travel Weekly, Barclaycard, and Hill Dickinson


- Registration & Refreshments
- Welcome & Introduction
- Chargebacks & Payment issues
- What to look for to avoid chargebacks
- The FIN Tool
- How a practitioner reduces exposure to chargebacks
- New collaboration between banks & retailers
- All about chargebacks how to protect your business. When and how to challenge chargebacks.
- Q and A

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How to book:

To book please complete the below booking form and send to

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Payment is by BACs only, your attendance at the seminar will be confirmed once your booking form and payment has been received.