This Week at Atta HQ

Happy Friday from a bright and warm London - we were sad to hear that Murray is out of Wimbledon this year, and are looking for suggestions as to who we should support in the next round!

Lina has been on her travels doing the Africa Showcase in the UK with On Show Solutions. She had a very successful time in Dublin, and last night attended the London portion of the show. We will again hear more about this last week, but overall have had very positive feedback from our members which leave us excited for the next roadshows in Russia and the US.

There was big excitement in the office as Nigel flew to Scotland last night in preparation for the launch and naming by her Majesty the Queen of the Navy’s largest warship ever to be built, the aircraft carrier H.M.S  Queen Elizabeth. He will be presenting the original 100 year old brass plaque of Queen Elizabeth First, originally from the Dreadnought Battleship HMS Queen Elizabeth, the flagship for his Grandfather Admiral Sir Charles Madden. More on this next week and hopefully some pictures of the ceremony.

We had a couple more bookings for WTM London 2014. As I have said before, we have limited space and if you would like to come, I would suggest you book soon. I will publish a timeline of deadlines next week, but if you think you would like to go and want your company name in the printed catalogue, please note that the deadline for applications is the 29th of August.

We now have over 60 attendees for Atta Regatta. We have less than two weeks until the big event - you won't get a chance to see us until November after this, so make sure you are there! Find out more and book your tickets here.

This week, I would like to welcome new members Temple Point Resort of Germany, Red Carnation Hotels based in South Africa, Chalo Africa Tours (our second members) from India and Tourdust, our latest UK member.

In Matched, Hatched and Through the Grapevine, I am proud to announce that my male and female hamsters conspired against me and did some naughty deeds while I was away one weekend - I got home last Friday evening to discover that there were 9 new hamsters in the household, pink, wriggly and blind. I'm a bit stunned to have nine new lives in my care, and can only tremble at the thought of rehoming all of them. I have been working my magic on Lina - we may have some new office friends soon!

If you would like to find out less about the office animals and more about the people in your industry, send us your notices! We are always pleased to receive them.

Coranda's Tip of the Week this week: please go to our Events Page and note these events in your diary. We have had a number of people asking for information that is on these pages, and it is important to remember the information is on the website; your main membership resource.

I have been working on some maintenance of our database, and a few of you will have had email reminders to post your news. We will be doing our invoicing in September, and the hard work for that starts now - so be prepared!

Coranda -