NTB and Windhoek sign MoU on tourism promotion

The City of Windhoek and the Namibia Tourism Board (NTB) signed a Memorandum of Understanding for collaboration on the promotion of Namibia as tourist destination. The agreement makes the City of Windhoek part of the NTB Tourism Marketing, Human Resource Development and Standard Advisory committees.

The parties will jointly produce selected marketing materials or tools for specific events as generic material must still maintain the destination branding. Parties will distribute brochures that are jointly developed through their respective distribution channels.

Windhoek City will also form part of NTB local roadshows as well as international, subject to NTB Trade Fair Policy and depending on the option of ordinary participation or strategic partner participation.

Both partners will also in future share web-sites and undertake to share the registration databases of tourism operations for comparison and to determine joint actions.

Windhoek will also assist NTB with police officers during NTB’s operations on illegal establishments and on setting roadblocks against illegal tour and shuttle operators within Windhoek’s boundaries.