Media Request: Luxurious, Once-In-A-Lifetime Experiences

Deadline:  31 Jul 2014   Europe - London   06:00:00 pm

Contact Name: Tamara Hinson

Contact Title:     freelance travel writer

Contact Publication:        CNN Travel

A journalist has been asked to write a piece for the travel section of CNN about luxurious, very expensive once-in-a-lifetime experiences, but these must be ones which are available around the world and which can be booked by people anywhere in the world. Examples of the kind of thing she is including and looking for are:

  • Walking safaris through Zambia
  • The chance to fly a MIG fighter jet
  • A visit to Richard Branson's safari lodge

(Tamara will only be including a few resorts and they must be ones which are truly, ridiculously luxurious, and which rank within the world's top ten most expensive hotels/resorts)

This will appear in the coming months on the website (

Please send your responses quoting  Atta to: