Lions of the Chobe commemorative stamp launched

Although, people rarely write letters these days because of the digital era, stamps still remain very relevant especially as storytellers and recorders of history, acting as silent ambassadors of a country. It was in light of this that this past week, Botswana Tourism Organisation launched the Lions of the Chobe Commemorative stamp.

The stamp which will be in circulation for a year was put together with the contribution of several creators. Botswana has produced postage stamps for national use since 1966 with the first stamps showing the abattoir in Lobatse, Botswana National Airways and the state house in Gaborone.

The Lions of the Chobe commemorative stamp is expected to follow suit in documenting Botswana. Lions have been chosen because Botswana is believed to have a large population of lions. It has been deliberately chosen to commemorate the Lions of the Chobe or Savuti Lions as they are also known for the reason that, like elsewhere in its range, the Chobe Lion population extremely still faces noticeable threats compared to other stated areas.

Source: The Botswana Gazette