This Week at Atta HQ

Good morning to you all - I hope you have had a wonderful week and are looking forward to the weeekend ahead!

It has been a busy week at Atta HQ, with chief Nigel off to a number of very important meetings in London, where he sits on to board to several committees. As a key figurehead in the industry, Nigel was also mentioned in a couple of media outlets, quoted in his defence of tourism to some of the areas of Africa that have been in the news recently.

Nigel, Lina and myself also had a meeting with Connecting Travel, an exciting new social media platform dedicated to the travel industry. We were consulted on various tools that the industry may find useful, and will be able to give you more information in September.

I headed off to Reed to talk to the chief manager in charge of Atta's presence at World Travel Market, Tom Crawford, about the show in November, and negotiated access to a number of services which we will be able to pass on to you when the time comes. We anticipate having an in-depth knowledge of who will be at the show this year, and I hope this will help everyone. I also managed to get a list of key deadlines from Tom, and will be letting you know what these are in the next few weeks.

Lina will be heading out to Dublin next week to attend the Africa Showcase workshop with Atta's partner On Show Solutions to meet members and potential new members in Ireland. She will be out of the office for a few days while she attends the workshop.

With Atta Regatta fast approaching, Lina has been working on getting the media to attend - we have already had some exciting confirmations, and we are dedicating a lot of energy into ensuring that this event will be the best yet. You can find out more here - book your ticket now as the pace of bookings is increasing!

We issued another Fraud Memo this week and would like your feedback. We have had some positive responses, but few recently and are looking to see if you are finding the service of use.

Atta director Ingram Casey of To Escape To issued us with the following missive in response to a query last week:

"...I can STRONGLY recommend an African safari over a full day with 3 under 4’s at Peppa Pig World! Still recovering should be a parent sanity warning on that place!"

In Matched, Hatched and Through the Grapevine, we are pleased to announce that Harvey Nicoll, office mascot and Nigel's chief foot-warmer, celebrated his 10th birthday last weekend! We are happy to have such a cheerful soul keeping our spirits up in the office when the weather is a bit dull.

Coranda's Tip of the Week is to ensure your logo is showing on your profile. Please go to your dashboard and check if your logo has been uploaded - if not, please could you do so for me? This is an important element of your profile on the Atta website. Click on "Update Your Profile" and scroll down to see if you have the logo showing there.

That's it from me for this week - enjoy your last weekend of June, and see you in July!

Coranda -