Southern African youths involved in Tourism Development

Southern African Youths asked: How has tourism contributed/benefited my community?

RETOSA believes it is strategic for the youth to become a driving force in tourism development at the national and regional level so that the region grows its share of the global tourism cake, and has announced its second annual Youth in Tourism Essay Competition, in line with the UNWTO World Tourism Day theme. The main objective of the competition is to raise youths' awareness of the importance of green measures for the travel and tourism industry.

The theme of this 2014 competition is "Sustainable Tourism Development: Tourism and Development in the Community." RETOSA is targeting children at the primary and secondary school levels, and the organization also hopes to make tourism a part of their school curriculum.

RETOSA is hoping Southern Africa's youth will come out in great numbers and provide their input on tourism development in Southern Africa, specifically focusing on how the youth can play and active and meaningful role in the region's tourism development now and in the future.

Judges will select the best 10 essays from each category, and these will be published on the RETOSA website. From these selected essays, the judges will choose the 3 essays from each category and ask writers to present their essays at the Youth in Tourism Conference in Mauritius from September 25-26, 2014. The overall two winners - one from each category - will be nominated as the Southern Africa Junior Tourism Minister (high school winner) and Deputy Junior Tourism Minister (primary school).

RETOSA will publish the winning stories and the overall winners will take part in publicity activities including social media, and where possible, will undertake a program of regional outreach activities to develop and promote youth and tourism in the region.