Kenya Government to Classify Tourism Hotels

The Kenyan government has announced plans to classify all hotels and other facilities offering tourism services by January next year. The newly instituted Tourism Regulatory Authority said all hotels, tour vehicle operators, lodges, pubs and other facilities offering tourism services will have to be classified according to what they offer.

Hotels will be categorised into five, four, three or two-star according to the services offered and their infrastructure. A hotel will have to achieve a certain minimum requirement for it to be classified as five-star.

TRA will be working closely with Kenya Bureau of Statistics, National Environment Management Authority and other quality assurance bodies to classify these institutions. The last time institutions were classified in the country was back in 2003, and the standards used have since been outdated.

Hotel and other facilities offering tourism services will have to adhere to the new standards before they are classified and licensed to operate in the country.

The classification exercise will begin in July and expected to be completed by January next year where all tourism institutions will have been classified and licensed. It has been said the classification exercise is very expensive and they will need adequate financial support from the national government to complete it in time.

Tourism stakeholders at the Coast welcome TRA initiative saying that classification will help Kenya compete with other world tourism destinations like South Africa and Dubai.

Kenya Association of Hotel Keepers and Caterers, Kenya Coast Tourists Association and Kenya Association of Tour Operators supported the classification venture.

Source: AllAfrica