This Week at Atta HQ

Good morning from London! What a whirlwind few weeks it has been for the Atta team – we are now back and ready to roll – so on to business.

I would like to take this moment to reflect on the four shows we have attended over the last few weeks; WTM Latin America, WTM Africa, We Are Africa and Indaba.

WTM Latin America  Atta had a very busy stand in Brazil, and much of our success there, was due to our very energetic Latin American Director Andre Laget, and our hard working Latin American Advisor, Andrea Landaeta. Some useful contacts were made, and the plan for next year is a roadshow for Sao Paulo and Rio and an extensive speed networking event as well. More details on that will follow soon. We are looking forward to seeing our Latin American Chapter grow as this will be one of our main "emerging markets" focus for 2014/5.

We were slightly quieter at WTM Africa, although the feedback from our exhibitors indicated that they had had some positive meetings. I spent hours and hours meeting with many new people, and talked myself completely hoarse in the two days we were at the show.

The feedback we have received from We Are Africa has been overwhelmingly positive. Atta hosted way over 30% of the show. Exhibitors were worked hard, with meetings every 20 minutes for the three days fuelled by a lot of partying as well! All due to the fantastic team from Beyond Luxury lead by the amazing Serge Dive, all working together to launch WAA with their usual style and panache and wow........did they suceed! Graham Boynton our media director played a leading role as host and moderator, well done Graham.

Indaba was also hugely successful for Atta, with over 50 exhibitors in our marquee which had a wonderfully energetic atmosphere as everyone turned their attention to the matter at hand. We are very grateful to Travel Africa Magazine and Africa Albida Tourism for sponsoring the marquee for us.

The networking event on Saturday night was attended by 235 members and guests, with speeches by Jan Hutton of SA Tourism on the future of Indaba 2015, Muriithi Ndegwa of the event’s sponsors, Kenya Tourism Board, as well as the charity raffle which raised a good amount of money for “My Horn my Life”, and left some very excited members of Atta planning holidays in the next year. 

Very, very many thanks to Emma of Painted Wolf Wines, who kept us well watered both on the stand and at the networking event, with some really brilliant wines and her pet painted wild dogs!

Indaba 2015 is looking to be shaping up to be a new kind of experience, watch this space as we are only giving ourselves a few short weeks before we start planning for next year. We Are Africa follows Indaba so there will be a huge gap between the two Reed Shows and the Indaba/We Are Africa "two shows in one" ticket. We will have to decide which shows we will attend as it will be impossible to do them all.

We are still in a frenzy of planning, however. With The Atta East Africa Seminar  “Responsible Tourism Protects Wildlife” on the 3rd of June and Atta Regatta on the 16th of July, as well as a number of roadshows in the works, we are not slowing down in the slightest. I would encourage you all to book your tickets for these events as soon as possible, as we are seeing great interest in them and we were flooded by people who had not booked on the day of the Indaba event and were desperate to get tickets.

The last few days have been very difficult for Nigel as the Kenyan situtation unfolded. He has spent hours, day and night working hard to help our friends in Kenya. We will do everything possible to keep the industry informed and support our huge membership in Kenya. I am sure the whole industry competitors and supporters alike are behind them as our many members located on the coast will need huge support.

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