This Week at Atta HQ

Good morning from Lina this week as Coranda is on her way to Cape Town for WTM Africa. First of all, we are happy to announce that the winners of Atta’s second photo competition dedicated to Saving Wildlife are Cheli & Peacock with Elvis! The photo collected 290 Likes and was shared 96 times!

Elvis is a young black rhino hand-reared by Lewa Wildlife Conservancy after being taken from his mother, partially blind Mawingo, for his own safety (because of her blindness she had previously lost calves). Here he's showing off his prehensile lip which he's learnt can turn on taps with ease. Sadly he's decided not to learn how to turn them off!

Congratulations to the winners and let’s celebrate Responsible Tourism which Protects Wildlife at Atta’s Indaba annual Dinner & Dance on May 10. We are looking forward to meeting you all next Saturday! ...

...and we have something very special planned for our next Photo Competition. Watch this space! You will Like the PRIZE! :)

Atta will be present at these events in South Africa:

  • WTM Africa, Cape Town                                           2-3 May 2014         Atta Stand – G40
  • We Are Africa, Cape Town                                       5-8 May 2014         Atta Area
  • Indaba, Durban                                                         10-12 May 2014     Atta Stand – ODG02

Nigel has been travelling around the globe in the last week and finally touched down in Cape Town after WTM Latin America and various meetings in Johannesburg. As you can see from the picture, Atta directors took Brazil by storm!

You can find more photos from WTM LA on our Facebook page. A huge thank you to Andrea and Andre for supporting Atta in Brazil.

We also thank Atta’s Southern African director Ingram Casey for contributing a piece on South Africa in our latest Chinese newsletter.

We have been extremely busy here in the Atta HQ in the last few weeks with six events taking place in period of three weeks but hope we have everything in place and looking forward to meeting you soon.  We will try our best but the Daily News may be irregular and shorter than usual in the coming weeks as the whole team will be managing stands and meeting existing and new potential members at the shows.

All the best from Lina

See you next week!