The Fat Kid Diaries: Week 46. Disconnect to reconnect...island style

As we’ve been manically going about our business of trade shows the Fat Kid on a Bike, Ron Rutland, has been weaving his way through Africa. It’s been nearly 1 year of his journey; just take a look at the map on his home page.

Last week Ron visited one of Atta’s most remote members Bom Bom Island Resort on Principe Island in São Tomé and Príncipe.

Few of our members have had a chance to visit these island: here are a few of the highlights from the Fat Kid:

·         The flight to the island of Principe from Sao Tome - flying low and slow across the tropical Atlantic ocean between to the 2 main islands of ST&P, and seeing Principe from above was a sight I will never forget...Jurassic Park meets The of the most incredible places on the planet I have ever seen - the tropical rain forests from above looked like bunches of tightly packed broccoli - the dense green-ess something to behold.

·         Touring the Island of Principe with tour guide extraordinaire Fernando Camacho, and Miguel Ribeiro, and learning about its history and unique Biosphere, as well as the incredible work being done by HBD in preserving the island as the piece of paradise it is...what a treat!

·         The privilege and pleasure of staying at the Bom Bom Island Resort - it's hard to describe just how special this piece of the planet is.

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Thanks Ingram and Escape + Explore ( for introducing us to yet another inspiring South African adventurer.