Ethiopia to Transform Tourism Industry

The Ethiopian Prime Minister made official the establishment of new entities touted to be instrumental in transforming Ethiopia’s tourism industry as Tourism Transformation Council and Ethiopian Tourism Organization have been launched. Prime Minister will serve as chairperson of the Tourism Transformation Council highlighting the government’s commitment to develop the sector.

The Ethiopian Tourism Organization will function as the secretariat of the council and is structured to have a Tourism Board and a Director General.

Endowed with rich natural, historical and cultural resources, Ethiopia has nine UNESCO registeredWorld Heritage Sites – the leading in Africa. However, the country’s underdeveloped tourism industry is ranked 120th globally and 17th in Africa.

Under the growth and transformation plan, the government aims to make the country one of the top tourist destinations in Africa.

The number of tourists coming to the country is growing by 10 percent annually while income from the sector shows a 20 percent growth, according to data from the ministry.