Zambia to Experience a Rise in Visitors from France

Numbers are increasing of the French tourists planning to visit Zambia and explore the country's vast tourism products, the Zambian Embassy in France has disclosed.

France is seeking to double the number of its tourists coming to visit Zambia. Attract, a French marketing and public relations (PR) Company, is helping to attract more French tourists to Zambia as more and more outbound tour operators in France who would like to start sending their clients to Zambia. The Zambian Embassy in Paris is also working in collaboration with the Zambia Tourism Board (ZTB) to increase the marketing and PR activities in France to make the country known in the French market.

Morocco, Kenya, South Africa and Tunisia have remained traditional destinations for the French in Africa but recently they are seeking new destinations with a different offering and Zambia is becoming one of the top destinations on the list for the French tourists.

The Netherlands's KLM airlines, which flies into Zambia in partnership with Air France and other airlines, offers a great opportunity to visit Zambia as the travel time has become shorter.