This Week at Atta HQ

It has been another busy week at Atta HQ, with many different things being juggled by our talented team, as always.

The Atta board of European-based directors met last week and discussed, among other things, the future of trade exhibitions and roadshows, our raft of networking events in Europe and Africa, and elections of Atta directors; and on that note we are extremely pleased that our European Director Ico Inanc, and East African Director John Corse back  have been re-elected un-opposed.

We will also be welcoming two new directors to our team. We are excited have Fiona Jeffries OBE, with her enormous experience of the tourism industry joining us, in the capacity of Industry Relations Director; and André Laget, a legend in South American circles, as our Latin American director who will help his almost namesake Andrea, our rep in South America. We are very pleased to have them on board and are sure you will join us in giving them a big Atta welcome.

This week, Nigel has been making arrangements for our new directors to join, as well as actioning some of the topics discussed at the board meeting. A large portion of this was dedicated to actually writing up the meeting minutes from a recording – if you can imagine him sitting at his desk with a huge pair of white headphones on, you will have some sort of mental image of what we have seen when entering his office!

Last week was our Winter Networking Event in Earl’s Court. Despite the tube strikes making it virtually impossible to travel around London, we had over 90 attendees, including distinguished guests Tish Stewart-Inglis of main sponsor Rani Resorts who gave us an update on Rani Resorts. have We have a number of entertaining photos from this party, which can be found on Facebook.

Arrangements for the networking evening at Indaba have been shaping up, with some dazzling arrangements from old friend of Atta and party planner, Tami Lutchman, underway. With sponsorship from the Kenya Tourism Board, we hope we will once again have their Masai Warriors among the guests, who will include all the movers and shakers of the industry. We will send you more details soon – make sure May 10th is in your diary in the meantime! The space on our Indaba stand has been increased to a massive 318 m2, so we will be able to host over 50 exhibitors; but space is still limited, so please email to book and avoid disappointment.

We have been blown away by the response to We Are Africa; with 50 exhibitors from Atta, we will have an extremely large presence at the show, and are very excited to see how it goes!

With another fantastic webinar this week, show-casing Zanzibar White Sand Luxury Villas & Spa, Lina has been busy making arrangements for this. You can access a recording of this here; if you would like to host a webinar, email Webinars are not only promoted to members, but sent to our Chinese and Latin American contacts, as well as many other trade contacts and journalists.

We will not be releasing the Members directory in print this year as we want to concentrate on improving Atta’s website and online directory, which is the most up-to-date database that should help you to find new and reliable connections within Atta. We did a short survey which revealed that members prefer the digital version to the paper one. But do not worry; as proof of your membership we have certificates for you that will be emailed to your main contact next week.

If you would like to receive a copy of the previous directory that was released in April 2013, please email

Atta has been approached by a journalist travelling to Ghana. Can members assist him with some flights and arrangements?

Bi-monthly Atta's Chinese newsletter has been released this week. We thank Gamewatchers Safaris and Zamzbezi Safari for their contribution. Some of our members like Albatros Travel and Serena Hotels are also mentioned in this edition.

Coranda’s Handy Tip this Friday is to ensure your profile is accurate and current, and that our logo is showing on your website. Atta acts as a source of recognition throughout the industry, and for travellers, this establishes companies as a reputable provider of travel. We often receive queries from the public or trade asking to confirm if a company is indeed a member of Atta; an updated profile will help you.

This week, my doctor has told me that I am not to use my left hand for typing – or knitting! Few of you will know I am a keen knitter and spend around four hours a day with a pair of needles in my hand. The resulting repetitive strain injury from combining typing and knitting for 12+ hours a day has severely handicapped me as I am reduced to tapping out emails with one hand! Nonetheless, I have been busy making arrangements for Indaba and ITB Berlin, as well as taking enquiries for as far away as ITB Berlin 2015. I have also spent a fair amount of time going through our records on your profiles and in our accounting packages, to make sure we have the correct information.

On this note, if you have new joiners, or people leaving your company, please let us know so we have an accurate idea of who is who!

Have a lovely weekend! Coranda –