This Week at Atta HQ

Good morning all! I am writing this in a big rush as we have been so busy this week that we are running out of time to get any news, let alone an entertaining and interesting newsletter – so please bear with me if this is not to the standard of previous offerings.

Following a huge amount of interest from those of you who had not booked onto Indaba, Nigel has been negotiating an increase in planned stand size, and we will now be able to accept more of you onto the stand. Even so, we have only 10 spaces left – so if you would like to join us, please let me know on

Nigel also spent some time working on flights for the various shows in May in South Africa, and he has sent me some quotations to send out to all of you. This will be a relatively complicated procedure this year; you will get the details in the next couple of days.

The usual meetings and discussions that Nigel is involved in on a weekly basis went well, with the big ticket item being the board meeting on Thursday afternoon. A number of topics were handled, from the Atta marketing strategy to possible networking events in the future. I will give you a bit more information on this next week, when we have had some time to digest what went on and write it out in a reader-friendly way.

We would like to welcome our new media partner, Tourism Tattler, who joined this week. We are so pleased to have them on board, and are sure this will be a mutually beneficial relationship for all of us.

Lina has been hard at work arranging the Destinations Networking Evening, which took place last night. We were extremely proud of the resilience of our members, for whom a tube strike that brought London to a grinding halt was no barrier to coming out in true Atta spirit. With over 70 attendees, this was one of the most successful winter events we have had. We thank Rani Resorts for their sponsorship and great unpdate on their activities. If you would like to get in touch with them, please email Tish Stuart-Inglis at

Lina also went to a PROFiT meeting on Wednesday; a gathering of top players in the travel industry where evidence of fraud in travel was presented and discussed. We hope this will be of use to all of us, and a number of ideas came out of the meeting which will be invaluable to us.

Lina also got a new banner design underway, booked several webinars (including the first one from a tour operator!), and sent a number of fantastic media requests. To book your own webinar, please email her on

Coranda’s Handy Tip of the week is this: every Atta member has the opportunity to send two press releases every membership year. This service is worth a fair amount in terms of cost, and is extremely under-utilised by our members. Email to send your news in this way.

You will all know what I have been doing, as every single one of you should have received an email from me. I have sent well over 4,000 emails this week (that’s not a typo), which has resulted in a list of those of you who unfortunately do not receive our daily newsletters, as well as a good number of new bookings for Indaba, amongst other things. In reply to these emails, I have received around 500 emails out of working hours throughout the week, proving that our members do not sleep in their efforts to make tourism to Africa the best that it can be!

We are starting to finalise our exhibitor lists for all of the exhibitions in the first 6 months of 2014, and your final chance to book is approaching. Don’t miss out! Email to book any of these.

Coranda –