Uganda: Game Park tourists increase

Visitor numbers to the protected areas has increased by 17.5%, the highest rise ever since the creation of the Uganda Wildlife Authority two decades ago

The high increase in the numbers were due to the solar eclipse, an event that attracted many tourists to Murchison Falls National Park, and the accolades lavished on Uganda by travel magazines including the Lonely Planet catapulted Uganda into the global spotlight.

Kidepo National Park in the north eastern part of the Uganda was last year listed by CNN among the top 10 parks in Africa.

The windswept Kidepo has large herds of buffaloes and a wide uninterrupted landscape surrounded by Karimojong pastoralists who have a rich culture.

The visitor numbers increased from 182,149 in 2012 to 213,949 which amounts to 17.5%. She also said that foreigners contributed 43% of the visitors and the rest included Ugandans and East Africans.

By Uganda Wildlife Authority