This Week at Atta HQ

It is getting lighter in the mornings here in rainy England, and we are starting to look forward to the summer! Before we get there, we have so much to do; so what have we done this week? (There is a lot in here today, so get comfy.)

Nigel has been working on sponsorship and secured two major sponsors for two of our biggest events. Kenya Tourism Board will be the main supporter of the Magical Kenya Evening on May 10th during Indaba – details to follow. The Zambia Tourism Board will support the Atta Regatta on July 16th in London. I understand this is a lot of advance warning, but as one of our main networking events of the year I suggest you put it in your diary now.

Nigel has also been putting together plans to entice you all to visit us when you are in London, and as a result there has been fevered activity in a little garden in the heart of Kensington, at the home where Nigel has always lived. Given advance warning, we can even facilitate parking a car; so we want to know when you are coming to try out our excellent tea and coffee garden, and touch base with us at our headquarters. If you ever want to visit, let us know at

Nigel and I went along to the Foreign Office for a meeting based on the travel advice we regularly send out, and discovered that there have been a few instances where groups of 3 or 4 guests check in somewhere, then simply disappear. We have been asked to keep an eye out, so if anything like this ever happens to you, please let us know on immediately.

Lina has been working on the daily news stories, which she hopes you find interesting and useful. We have had some positive feedback saying that this week has been particularly excellent, and we would love to hear more – so please send any thoughts.

Each of you are entitled to share your news through Atta to fellow members, the media and agents. If you are not sure how to do this, or what you are allowed to share, please contact us.

Lina has also been contacting overseas agents who sell Africa in the hopes of adding them to our network and giving our members more contacts. At over fifty emails sent, this has been quite the task, and we are hopeful that this will help curate positive relationships for you all.

We would like to take a moment here to mention our esteemed director, Ico Inanc. Based in Italy, Ico has been doing a lot to help us and you, acting as the perfect ambassador for Atta in Europe, and helping us with proposals, release of information and advice, and great feedback on some of our marketing material. Thank you, Ico.

The three of us had a meeting about the website this week, and our web team have been working on improvements for us. Social Media Director Damian Cook provided us with an in-depth report on what we should concentrate our efforts on, and we are very grateful to him and all at E-Tourism Frontiers. We are very excited to show you the developments that are in the pipeline, but as always looking for some feedback, so if you think of anything, send it along!

It has taken us by surprise, but the numbers for the Atta Destinations event in London in two weeks are looking great!  We are delighted to say that currently we have 95 people on the guest list including our members, guests and the media. To check out the guest list, click here. We thank again Rani Resorts and South African Airways for supporting Atta, and are looking forward to hearing their latest news!

We launched the photo album for our photo competition on Facebook and have been receiving votes all week by people ‘liking’ the images. You can check them out here. There has been great interest in this competition, including a media enquiry as a direct result of a press release we sent out; great exposure for members and we will definitely be running another in the future – watch this space.

We launched our first advice on prevention of fraud in travel, with help from our friends at PROFiT. You can find out how to avoid payment fraud in this article, which you can find here.

In this space, I am going to start Coranda’s Tip of the Week. The first one is: Did you know that you can make it easier to visit members-only content on our website by clicking “remember me” when you sign in? This way, you won’t have to sign in each time. It works on mobile devices too! We turned off that pesky ‘mobile ready’ directory, so if that was putting you off reading the news from your mobile, why not try it again?

I have been up to my ears in exhibition plans, busily registering people, companies and name-boards for ITB Berlin, as well as working away on WTM Latin America, WTM Africa, We Are Africa and Indaba. You can still book for any of these – information on how to do so is at the links. I buckled to pressure and drank two Starbucks coffees – but am sure this assisted me as I am at a record high of on average one email every 4 minutes.

(Maybe we should invest in a whizzy coffee machine for the office? Then you’ll definitely be visiting us!)

Coranda –