Addis Ababa is becoming a hub for international conferences and meetings in Africa, says UN Conference Center

A transcript of interview with the Chief of UN Conference Centre (Conference Coordination Unit, Conference Services Section)

Can you tell us a bit about business tourism in Addis Ababa and the role you play in order to promote it internationally?

You would be amazed to see the number of resorts and potential opportunities for tourism in Ethiopia. Ethiopia is indeed a vast country, more than three times the size of France. The entire population is close to 90 million. The city population is close to 8 million, and the city is still booming. Hence opportunities for tourism are huge. In the northern part of Ethiopia, area depicting rock-hewn churches can be visited in a place called Lalibela, where the number of tourists per year is fast growing. Africa Hall OAU Addis Ababa Ethiopia, premises of UN compoundVarious resorts are available in the southern region of Ethiopia, and all those elements are conducive to increasing the number of tourists coming to Ethiopia.

Our Conference Centre therefore is mainly partnering with Ethiopia to make sure that those delegates who come here for meetings are also potential tourists. We have witnessed many cases whereby those delegates have come back as tourists, and their stay and visit greatly organized by the Ethiopian government and the Addis Ababa Tourism authorities. I think this makes a great impact on the tourism industry here and is indeed a great achievement.

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