Atta appoints new Media Director

Atta reaches out to the Media

Atta, is delighted to announce the appointment of a new board member, Graham Boynton, as Media Director from September 1st 2013. This further strengthens Atta’s connections with the media following the appointment of Social Media Director, Damian Cook, earlier in the year.

Well known throughout the tourism industry as a hard hitting investigative journalist, Graham’s extensive knowledge of the workings of the media and worldwide tourism, coupled with a lifelong dedication to Africa, introduces an un-paralleled depth of experience to Atta.

Graham was raised in the former Rhodesia, where he began a career in journalism as a political reporter. In the mid-eighties he was appointed editor of Business Traveler magazine. He then moved to New York where he worked as a senior editor at Condé Nast Traveler under Sir Harold Evans and as a contracted writer for Vanity Fair.

After 10 years in New York he returned to the UK to become travel editor of the Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph. He was later appointed Group Travel Editor of the Telegraph Media Group, during which time he launched the luxury magazine Ultratravel. He published Last Days in Cloud Cuckooland about the end of white rule in South Africa which named as one of the Washington Post's Best Non Fiction Books of 1998. His appointment to the prestigious position of Group Travel Editor at the Telegraph Media Group from 1998 to December 2011 firmly established him as one of the leading journalists in the tourism industry.