Elewana open Kenya camp

Sand River Masai Mara Camp, a new bush camp from the Elewana Collection will open on July 1st 2013

Located on the banks of a river from which it has taken its name, Sand River Masai Mara is located within the Masai Mara National Reserve, close to the Tanzanian border. Situated on a secluded and picturesque site, the Camp replicates the heyday of exclusive permanent tented camps of the late 1920’s.

The Camp comprises of 16-tented accommodations, divided into two separate but adjoining campsites, with each area possessing its own designated dining and public areas, thereby creating an increased sense of exclusivity and privacy.


For further enquiries on +254 731 700 054 (office hours + 3 GMT

 email reservations@elewana.com