One Stop Kenya- Tanzania Border Post

The Kenya - Tanzania border post of Holili is to start implementing the East African Community's idea of One-Stop Border Post (OSBP) in May this year.A One Stop Border Post (OSBP) is where persons, goods and vehicles make a single stop to exit one country and enter another.

The project is financed by different donors who channel funds through the Trade Mark of East Africa (TMEA).Director of OSBP from TMEA Theo Lyimo said construction of the building at Holili on the Tanzanian side is almost complete.

"We are almost in the final stages and we're expecting to put in place wide-range of facilities geared to reduce transport costs incurred in cross-border movement," the official said. “If all goes well, OSBP on the Tanzanian side is start full operation in May this year On the Kenyan side, users will have to wait a bit as construction of the OSBP building has delayed."

Upon its completion, TMEA is expected to spend USD 4.5million on the Tanzanian side and USD5.5 million on the Kenyan side of Taveta.

OSBP is meant to reduce transit costs incurred in cross-border movement by combining the activities of both country's border organizations and agencies at either a single common location or at a single location in either direction without increasing risk to public safety or revenue collection.

"Studies have proved that transportation costs in East Africa are amongst the highest in the world. This has been damaging the region's ability to trade competitively in the international market. In particular, the time taken to get to and from the ports to land locked countries is singled out as a major factor," Lyimo stated.