World Speed sailing record broken in African Waters

The revolutionary speed sailing boat "Vestas Sailrocket 2" has become the world’s fastest wind powered craft, smashing the current Outright World Speed Sailing Record*, in dramatic style in African waters in Walvis Bay, off the coast of Namibia.
The new world record of 59.23 knots* (109kph) set the best average time over 500m and broke the previous mark of 55.65 knots with a peak speed of 63 knots (119kph). This represents the biggest jump in performance in the Outright speed records history. Two days later the team improved this speed with a 59.38 knot* run which peaked at exactly 120kph (64.78 knots). During the same run the team also smashed the nautical mile world record* with an average of over 55 knots. The ink was barely dry on the first record.
“What a fantastic feeling,” exclaimed passionate Vestas Sailrocket 2 pilot and project leader Paul Larsen. “The boat was really flying across the water today. We saw a beautiful untouched horizon ahead of us. Everything came together perfectly and it’s amazing to have finally broken the world record. This is the breakthrough moment we have been aiming to achieve since the initial launch of the first Vestas Sailrocket.”