Malawi President appoints Atta CEO

Atta CEO appointed tourism advisor to President Joyce Banda of Malawi.

In June 2012, Malawi’s new President Joyce Banda, announced the establishment of the Presidential Advisory Committee on the Economy (PACE) at the first-ever National Dialogue on the Economy in Malawi, co-organised by The Brenthurst Foundation and the Government of Malawi.

Following the appointment of Atta CEO as International Tourism Advisor for (PACE) at that inaugural conference, a further two day private meeting was held in Brussels on 19 & 20 October 2012.

12 members of the PACE Advisory Committee including former President of Nigeria HE Olusegun Obasanjo and General Richard Myers former Chairman of US joint Chief of Staff attended and presentations were made to President Banda on Taxation, Tariffs, Mining,  Agriculture and Air Malawi. Atta’s CEO Nigel Vere Nicoll gave a 20 minute presentation on Tourism for Malawi. Many of the points he covered had been submitted by Atta members representing the private sector of Malawi’s tourism industry.

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